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The Future of Information

Computation Fabric For Self-Aware Intelligent Agents

Information With A Purpose

Emergent Consciousness From Simple Interactions 

Cryptocurrency Unlocks Value 

Blockchain Structure Manages Agent Action

Polymorphic Encryption

Adaptive Artificial Intelligence

Thought Uses Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) Machine Learning Models That Evolve, Adapt, and Grow

The Power Of Blockchain And Cryptocurrency

The Thought Blockchain Immortalizes Complex Adaptive System Models And Ensures Every Intelligent Agent Follows The Rules

Autonomous Intelligent Agents

Self-aware Agents Create Entirely New Forms Of Applications That Generate Actions Based On Internal Goal Systems

An Emergence Generator

New Ideas And Efficiencies Emerge From Simple Agent Interactions Creating A Whole New Paradigm Of Value Generation

Information Version 2

In 1948 Claude Shannon "coined" the "bit" - a unit for measuring information. Thought creates a new form of information by giving collections of bits "purpose."


THT Cryptocurrency

  • ​Cuckoo-cycle Reduced Energy Proof of Work

  • Masternode Layer-2 Proof of Stake

  • Polymorphic Agent Encryption

THT Cryptocurrency Powers Thought's Emergence Generator

Each Intelligent Agent Has Its Own THT "Energy" Which Is Consumed For Every Interaction And Grows With Value Created.

THT Crypto

THT Supply

Phoenix Contact
Howard Bloom Institute

Welcome To The Next Information Age

Thought Is Pioneering The New Information Age Where Autonomous Intelligent Agents Are The Evolution Of Digital Life On Earth...

And Beyond...

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