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Wallet Guide

Getting Started

1. Choose Windows, Linux, or Mac wallet

2. Select the Download button.

3. Save wallet to desired location - you will need to remember where you save it so you can access the wallet later.

4. Run download wizard.

5. Choose default data directory location or create a new directory location.

6. Allow your wallet to sync with the Thought blockchain. This may take up to 8 hours.

Protecting Your Wallet

Once your wallet is synced to the Thought Blockchain you should take some steps to secure your wallet.

1. Encrypt your wallet - select Settings and then Encrypt Wallet.

2. Create a passphrase. Make sure that you save this passphrase to somewhere safe. If you lose this passphrase, it cannot be recovered and you may lose access to your THT. Once you create a passphrase the Thought wallet will close to save changes.

3. Run ThoughtCore from the Start Menu.

4. Next back up the wallet. Select File and then Backup Wallet. Save the file to somewhere safe. It is recommended that you save the file to an external storage device (ex. USB drive). This file is what will allow you to restore your wallet.

Creating a Receiving Address

To receive your THT cryptocurrency you need to create a receiving address.

1. Select File and then Receiving Address.

2. Select New and then name your address.

Sending THT and Saving Sending Addresses

When sending THT cryptocurrency to another wallet, the address can be saved for future use.

1. To create a sending address, you first need the receiving address of the person or organization to which you are sending THT.

2. Enter the receiving address. Copying and pasting the address is the easiest method.

3. If you wish to save the address for future use label the sending address. This will save the address to your address book.

4. Select the amount of THT cryptocurrency you wish to send.

5. Review the information to ensure it is correct before selecting Send.​​

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